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London Ontario's Dog Population and the Entrepreneurs Serving Them

Updated: Mar 21

In the wake of the pandemic, a remarkable trend has emerged across the globe: a surge in dog ownership.

While many industries experienced setbacks during the pandemic, the pet industry witnessed unprecedented growth. Many interesting dog-centered entrepreneurs have come forward to meet the needs of this growing population of canines.

Factors in the Change

Some of the driving forces behind this phenomenon, in addition to the social impacts of the pandemic, are the increasing humanization of dogs and the shifting demographics of pet owners.

As lockdowns and social distancing measures became the new normal, people sought companionship and solace in their furry friends. Dogs, with their unwavering loyalty and unconditional love, provided comfort during uncertain times. This led to a significant uptick in adoption and puppy purchase rates to meet the surge in demand for pets.

Moreover, the pandemic catalyzed a cultural shift in the way we view our canine companions.

No longer just pets, dogs are increasingly being considered as integral members of the family. From gourmet treats to designer accessories, owners are indulging their dogs with the same care and attention once reserved for human family members.

Another factor contributing to the rise in dog ownership is the growing population of childless young adults with disposable income. With delayed parenthood becoming more common, many individuals are turning to pets to fill the void. Dogs offer companionship, purpose, and an opportunity for nurturing without the demands of raising children.

The Dog Population in London Ontario

In London, Ontario, we do not have official up to date statistics on the dog population. But we can make some educated guesses.

Ontario-wide the most recent estimate I can find that comes close to reliable puts the number of dogs in the province to be 4.77 million with a human population of around 14.9 million. That is a little over one dog per three humans.

The most recent (2017) official population number for London is just under 405000.

So assuming London experiences approximately average rates of dog ownership for the province we can guess that the city has at least 135000 dogs blessing our homes.

London Dog Entrepreneurs

This trend is evident as the city also experiences a burgeoning community of dog professionals dedicated to meeting the needs of this growing population of canine companions.

When I first started my business market research indicated that this growth would continue at least well into 2025!

From dog trainers and behavior consultants to groomers and daycare providers, to even more niche services like dog poop removal, these professionals play a vital role in ensuring the well-being of our beloved pets.

We'll introduce you to some of the dog professionals making waves in London, Ontario.

Each brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table, enriching the lives of both dogs and their owners. Get ready to meet a few of the faces shaping the future of dog care in our city.

Bark and Scoop Waste Solutions

Many dog owners know what it’s like to look at a big yard and think “I wish there was someone that could just come and clean this dog poop up for me!”


Don’t lie, you’ve been there.


Bark and Scoop sought to take a common and simple problem and apply a professional level approach that’s often lacking from contractors for smaller ticket items. Value & customer service are the cornerstones that this dog poop cleanup business is built around.


Friendly service, flexible options, and a thorough job well done.


Whether you need a one time service or ongoing support you can relax knowing that it is going to be taken care of.

Chatham-Kent K9 First Aid

As an independent licensed canine first aid instructor with Canine Health Canada, this local business proudly offers canine first aid instruction all across Ontario.

With an exponential growth in dog ownership we are still facing a critical shortage of Veterinary Care Professionals. Chatham-Kent K9 First Aid's aim is to teach pet owners and pet care professionals the skills needed to firstly, prevent concerns, but also the skills needed to act in an emergency.

We do not take the place of veterinary professionals, but we can be our dogs' first responder. Knowing who to call, especially after hours, and how to stabilize your dog in case of a medical emergency can greatly increase their chance of survival.

Check them out on Facebook or at

Kate Hendriks, Dog Trainer

Kate Hendriks is a certified professional pet dog trainer who has a passion for helping rescue and shelter dogs adjust to their new homes and environments.


As a pet parent of a rescue dog with unique challenges, she knows from first-hand experience that pet ownership is not always easy. It can get messy, but with patience, compassion and consistency, we can help our dogs live their best life with us by their side.


This is why she specifically developed her 5-week Welcome Home program to help these pooches decompress from the stress while learning essential life skills. She also offers programs for loose leash walking, managing high prey drive, calming and settling (even at the vets or groomers!) as well as developing a rock-solid recall, even outdoors!


To learn more about her services, visit her website at

New Leaf Pet Aqua Cremation

When we think of dog-centered services we often don’t consider those that support end-of-life care to help make the very hardest days of pet ownership easier, with compassion and empathy.


Josh at New Leaf Pet Aqua Cremation runs a family owned and operated business with almost two decades of experience in funeral services and a lifetime of pet companionship.


They aim to provide professional and personal cremation care for pets of bereaved families with kindness and empathy.


New Leaf cares about your pets and the environment. Their processes are environmentally friendly, focused on sustainability, and they support fellow small businesses in the community by sourcing locally.


Best of all they provide personalized service every step of the way with transportation and aqua cremation which is handled locally. There is something special about being able to meet the actual person who will be giving your beloved pet this important care.


While London's dog population has skyrocketed over the past few years a rising crop of fascinating dog centered professionals is also on the scene to help meet their needs as well as yours as a dog owner.

Dog ownership is the highest it has ever been and our furry companions have never had the level of access to premium care that they do now. The future is bright for them and the professionals serving them.

Robin Wong is a certified dog trainer, a graduate of the prestigious Victoria Stilwell Academy, and a Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor (Knowledge Assessed). He founded Holy Sit to provide trauma-informed behavior work and positive dog training in London Ontario.

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Hi, Robin. Thank you so much for featuring my dog training services! It is truly rewarding to help dog owners and their canine companions overcome challenges and live well as a cohesive team.

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