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Robin Wong

  • Owner, Holy Sit Dog Training


  • Graduate, Victoria Stilwell Academy

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London Ontario's Big Dog Reactivity Expert

Robin Wong is a graduate of the prestigious Victoria Stilwell Academy as well as a Diamond Member with Grisha Stewart Academy.

Most notably, he is a CBATI-KA: a specialized dog professional certified to teach Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), a trauma-informed approach to working with fear, frustration, reactivity, and aggression.

After two decades of experience in the corporate world a dog-bite changed Robin's life and inspired him to become a professional dog trainer. That sent him on a path of education in the science of dog training and behavior that eventually led him to founding Holy Sit Dog Training.

As the owner of a special needs dog living with the effects of brain trauma, Robin understands firsthand the difficulties that those who take on "challenging dogs" face on a daily basis. 

Through the use of BAT and other positive-reinforcement based methods he helps people that are struggling to teach their dogs to live well in a human world. From basic manners to overcoming trauma-informed behavior issues Robin's gentle approach focuses on the dog's emotional wellbeing and their relationship with you. 

A dog trainer kneels beside a happy dog

Want to learn more about Robin, dogs, and BAT? Check out:  Rob's Dog Blog

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