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Dog Training Programs

Fear, Reactivity, and Trauma

Structured Training & Behavior Programs​​​​

Big Dog

Big Feelings 


Is your large or giant-sized dog grappling with fear, frustration, or reactivity?

Harness the power of Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), an empowering and trauma-informed approach to behavior work. Our certified instructor is here to guide you through a tailored 7-week program designed exclusively for your unique dog.

🌟 Three Phases of Development:

  1. Foundation: Elevate communication, build confidence, emotional resilience, and trust.

  2. Critical Skills: Learn leash-handling skills and teach your dog invaluable moves to help them navigate life.

  3. BAT Walks: Apply BAT in real life situations, taking your skills to the streets.


🐾 Thorough Initial Behavior Evaluation

🏡 Weekly Private In-Home Lessons

🌈 Personalized Enrichment Plan

🛒 Training gear recommendations

📝 Detailed Homework Sheets

📝 Updated Notes after every Session

 📱  Priority text and email support 

Why Choose This Program?

✔️ Certified BAT Instructor
✔️ Specially designed for big dogs
✔️ Trauma-informed approach
✔️ Personalized support at every step

Ready to transform your big dog's big feelings? Secure your spot today and embark on this empowering journey to a stronger bond. 🐾💙

Book your free phone consultation to discuss your dog's needs and how our program can make a difference.

Frantic to



Is your puppy or dog struggling with calmness?  Unable to get them focused? 

Teach your overexcited furry friend an incredible protocol for calmness, simple pattern games for focus, a rock-solid Attention cue, and receive a personalized enrichment plan.

🌟 4 Weeks of Support Includes:

​🏡 Weekly 1-on-1 Virtual Lessons
🌈 Personalized Enrichment Plan
📝 Detailed Homework Sheets
📝 Updated Notes after every Session
📱  Priority text and email support

🛒 Upgrade to In-Person for just $200

Why Choose This Program?

✔️ Can be done Virtually

✔️ Specially designed for large and giant breed dogs
✔️ Tailored for overexcited pups
✔️ Personalized for your unique dog

Ready to transform your frantic pup into a focused companion? Secure your virtual spot today and embark on this incredible journey to a calmer, more attentive furry friend. 🐾💙

Walk With Me



Teach your dog to walk politely with you and learn some handy moves so that you can explore together as a team. It's time to start ENJOYING your walks!

This structured program covers loose-leash walking, basic leash handling, and game-based skills to help with mild reactivity. This program is not intended for dogs with serious behavior issues.

🌟 4 Weeks of Support Includes:

​🏡 Weekly Private Lessons in your own neighborhood
🌈 Personalized Training Plan
📝 Detailed Homework Sheets
📱  Priority text and email support

🛒 Training Gear Recommendations

Why Choose This Program?

✔️ Balances control, freedom, and safety 

✔️ Specially designed for large and giant breed dogs
✔️ Prioritizes enrichment & exploration
✔️ Personalized for your unique dog

Ready to transform your walks from an embarrassing and stressful chore to your favorite part of your day? That's our goal for this program so let's get on a call and talk about it!  🐾💙

Need Something Else?

Need something more specific?

We can provide custom solutions for your unique situation.

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