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Dog Training Programs for Manners & Behavior

Private In-Home

Training & Behavior Work

Big dog struggling with fear, frustration, manners, or reactivity?

Adopted dog living with the effects of trauma?

This is what we do - help people just like you with dogs that are struggling with their behavior and feelings. 

Our Fees are Simple and Flexible:

  • Per Session: $190 for the first session and $129 for each additional session.


  • Purchase a Package: 

    • $499 for Four Sessions

    • $699 for Six Sessions

All Training Includes:

🐕 Personalized Enrichment for your Dog

🐾 Methods That Prioritize their Emotional Wellbeing

🏡 Lessons in Your own Home and Neighborhood

🛒 Training Gear Recommendations

📝 Detailed Homework Sheets

 📱 Priority Text and Email support between Sessions 

Why Choose Us?

✔️ Certified BAT Instructor / Victoria Stilwell Academy Graduate
✔️ Experienced with Large and Giant Breeds
✔️ Trauma-informed approach & humane methods
✔️ Personalized support at every step

Ready to transform your relationship with your dog? Secure your spot today and embark on a journey to a stronger bond. 🐾💙

Book your free phone consultation to discuss your dog's needs and how our training can make a difference.

Frantic to



Is your puppy or dog struggling with calmness?  Unable to get them focused? 

Teach your overexcited furry friend an incredible protocol for calmness, simple pattern games for focus, a rock-solid Attention cue, and receive a personalized enrichment plan.

🌟 4 Weeks of Support Includes:

​🏡 Weekly 1-on-1 Virtual Lessons
🌈 Personalized Enrichment Plan
📝 Detailed Homework Sheets
📝 Updated Notes after every Session
📱  Priority text and email support

🛒 Upgrade to In-Person for just $200

Why Choose This Program?

✔️ Can be done Virtually

✔️ Specially designed for large and giant breed dogs
✔️ Tailored for overexcited pups
✔️ Personalized for your unique dog

Ready to transform your frantic pup into a focused companion? Secure your virtual spot today and embark on this incredible journey to a calmer, more attentive furry friend. 🐾💙

Need Something Else?

Need something more specific?

We can provide custom solutions for your unique situation.

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