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Leash Laws in London Ontario

London Ontario's Leash Laws May Surprise You.

It can be confusing to keep track of where you can and can't bring your do... and how. Here is a rundown of the leash laws that the city expects you to obey within the City of London.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I'm just a simple London Ontario dog trainer. This is not legal advice; I'm just passing on some facts.

London Ontario's Leash Laws

Current as of March 2024, London Ontario by-law requires that the owner of a dog ensures that they do not "Run at Large". A dog is considered to be "Running at Large" if it is not under the physical control of a person using a leash no longer than 1.8 meters. The leash must be held by the person.

The by-law also stipulates that a dog under the control of a leash cannot enter or remain on the private property of another person without their consent.

Exceptions to the Law

It does not count as "Running at Large" if the owner of the dog has the consent of the land owner AND the dog is prevented from leaving the property either by tether or enclosed fence.


While enforcement appears to be inconsistent London Ontario's leash laws are surprisingly strict. Off-leash walking, long line walking, extendable leashes, etc. appear to not fit the bill. But again I'm no lawyer.

While those tools and practices are somewhat common, and even used in dog training, the 1.8m limit is clearly set out. In my own work with dog reactivity I employ long lines during special training sessions. In London Ontario this needs to be done on private property to ensure that I'm following the law.

Was any of this surprising to you?

Robin Wong is a certified dog trainer, a graduate of the prestigious Victoria Stilwell Academy, and a Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor (Knowledge Assessed). He founded Holy Sit to provide trauma-informed behavior work and positive dog training in London Ontario.

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