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Dog Training London Ontario

Ready to Train Your Angel?

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Dog Training London Ont

There is no feeling like having a happy well-behaved dog.

Unlock your dog's full potential with our professional and positive dog training techniques in London, Ontario.


As a responsible dog parent, help your furry companion thrive both physically and mentally. Our personalized training programs, designed to cater to you and your dog's specific needs, provide a superior, enjoyable and force-free experience.


Our certified dog trainer, with years of experience, will guide you on effectively understanding and communicating with your dog, giving you a sense of pride and satisfaction with their progress.


Elevate your dog's behavior in London Ontario with our empowering, progressive, and dog-centered training methods.

Animal training can be humane.

4 Week Reset

Focus & Engagement Program

Elevate your dog's focus & engagement, fix some bad habits, and teach them the critical skills of walking politely on a leash and coming to you when called. Led by our certified trainer, it is perfect for dogs who need a little extra attention and structure in their training to live well in your world.

Services & Prices

Dog Training Services

Looking for premium dog training services that won't break the bank? Our certified dog trainer offers personalized training solutions tailored to your dog's unique needs. From basic obedience to dealing with problem behaviors, we've got you covered. 

Love. Train. Repeat.

We believe in empowering humans and their dogs as true partners, fostering deeper connections and trust. Unlike traditional, dominance-based trainers, we use modern, science-based methods and never resort to hurting or scaring your dog.

New puppy challenging to handle? Rescue dog struggling to adjust? Walks becoming a source of stress rather than joy?


We have the solution for you. Don't let the stress continue to mount. Take the first step towards enjoying your dog's company and teaching them to thrive in your world by exploring our premium training programs.


Our program includes options for puppy training support and later life stage dog training, all tailored to meet your unique goals and dog's needs.

At Holy Sit, we prioritize your dog's emotional well-being and rely on force-free and positive reinforcement methods, emphasizing freedom of choice and natural behaviors.


Let our certified and experienced dog trainer equip you with the knowledge and skills to train your dog effectively, and gain insights into modern, progressive obedience training.


Experience the best dog training in London, Ontario with Holy Sit.

This is not traditional dog training. Here is what we offer:

  • A deeper understanding of your dog and how they communicate

  • An understanding of their needs and how to meet them

  • The skills to teach your dog to live well in your world

  • Training Programs that treat your dog's emotional well-being as a priority

  • Training Programs that treat YOU as a priority

  • A transformed relationship with your dog

Do you like the sound of that? We highly recommend that you to set up an intro call with our lead trainer to find out how we can help. 

We do not currently offer puppy classes in groups as we favor the value that we can provide in the context of the private training class. Group classes can make a great socialization experience and are a fun way to practice obedience with lots of distractions and we may offer them in the future.

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