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Fear & Reactivity Dog Training
London Ontario

If you think your dog
might need help,
they do.

A german shepherd happily laying on a beach after dog training in London Ontario

Kat & Blu

“Blu is a rescue who was abused and abandoned. Robin helped us with behavior and coping strategies from Day One.”

Dog Training London Ontario

Hey there, I'm Robin, and I'm on a mission after a life-changing dog bite. I help large and giant size dogs overcome issues like aggression, fear, and reactivity.

My focus? Dogs dealing with trauma – let's rewrite their stories together.

Robin Wong, CBATI-KA

✔️ Certified BAT Instructor

✔️ Victoria Stilwell Academy Graduate
✔️ Reactivity Specialist

✔️ Trauma-informed approach

A man is walking with a white Hungarian kuvasz  by his side during dog training in London Ontario

Kris & Kai

“If I'm being very honest, had we not had Robin's intervention, I don't know that we would still have our girl today."

Private In-Home
Dog Training 

Private in-home lessons in London Ontario for dogs struggling with fear, frustration, manners, or reactivity. While we are happy to help dogs of all breeds and sizes our focus is on large and giant breeds. Our methods are humane, backed by science, and trauma-informed.

Frantic to

Our most popular program! Teach your overly excited canine to relax, build self control, and increase focus. A customized enrichment plan to ensure that you are meeting their needs, a tried & true protocol to build calmness, and a series of fun and simple pattern games to support focus.


Erin & Lulu

“We have a comfort in our house that we didn't have before starting. You really did transform our ability to live together."

In Home Dog Training in London Ontario

I practice a specialized method for reactivity, and other serious behavior issues: Behavior Adjustment Training or BAT.

It is empowering, humane, relationship focused, and particularly helpful for dogs living with the effects of trauma.

My programs are exclusively private lessons, in person or virtually.

This is not traditional dog training. Here is what I offer:

  • A deeper understanding of your pup

  • Basic manners lessons focused on real life skills

  • Practical handling skills designed for big dogs

  • Expert methods for fear, frustration, and reactivity

  • A trauma-informed approach backed by science

  • A transformed relationship with your canine


Jory & Freddy

"Even after just the first session with Robin, my stress level went from 11 to 3."

Positive Dog Training for Large & Giant Breeds

I've spent my life around large and giant breed canines so I understand their unique challenges and needs.

I grew up around GSDs and in my adult life I fell in love with the Mastiff type - the breed group that I am most familiar and work the most with.

My current pup is a Boerboel / Ridgeback living with the effects of brain trauma.

My previous rescue was an English Mastiff mix who came to us with severe aggression.

Add to all that my formal education and I am uniquely qualified to help the biggest of canines with the biggest of feelings.

Big-dog training can be humane. I can show you how. Right here in London Ontario.

The methods I employ do not require painful devices, harsh punishments, or any of that alpha/dominance stuff.

Do you like the sound of that? Set up an intro call with me to find out how I can help. 

A dog trainer kneels beside a large happy dog
A fawn colored mastiff  lays curled up on a blanket after dog training in London Ontario
A dog trainer sita on a couch with a Bernese Mountain Dog during a training session
A mastiff lays on a tiled floor during a training session
A white Old English Sheepdog sits in the kitchen posing during training
A dog trainer sits on a couch with a black labrador sitting on the ground in front of him
A brindle mastiff lays on a mat during dog training in London Ontario

We do not currently offer puppy or k9 obedience classes in London Ontario as we favor the value that we can provide in the context of the private instruction. Group classes can make a great learning and socialization experience and are a fun way to practice obedience with lots of distractions and we may offer them in the future.

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