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New Business? New Pet? You Can Do It! (Guest Post)

Guest Post by Ed Carter from Able Futures.

Image courtesy of Pexels.

While starting a business and bringing a new pet home can both be daunting experiences requiring a lot of time and focus, sometimes both are happening at the same time. While challenging, it is possible to manage both. You’ll need to make good use of the resources available to you. Read on for helpful tips.

Establish a routine

Your pet will benefit from a regular routine. Set up regular times for feeding, freshening the water bowl, bedtime, playtime, and, if appropriate, walking your pet, changing the litter box, and going to daycare. This is not to say that you can never deviate from the schedule, but your pet will be better behaved and more cooperative if it can count on being fed, watered, and walked at roughly the same time each day. You may be able to combine pet care routines with business or personal schedules. For example, if you walk or run for exercise, you can combine this with your pet’s outdoor time. Or if you regularly need to pick up or drop off items for your business, your new dog might like to go along on those errands.

Get organized

Designate spaces for specific activities. You might make one room a home office. If your pet stays home or at the business during work hours, set up a space for them, with a cozy bed, near your office area. When you need help, ask friends or family to pet sit for a day or take your pet to daycare. In the early days, you may want to work with a trainer to teach your pet basic commands and train them to stay calm around new people and even other animals. You can find a good trainer by asking fellow dog owners for recommendations. If you’re near London, Ontario, check out Holy Sit Dog Training. You and your pet will both be happier if the dog is clear on expectations, rules, and appropriate behaviors. If you do take your pet to work (at a non-home location) sometimes, aim for the days that are calmer when you can keep an eye on them.

Let technology help you

In the age of apps, there are a number of ways you can streamline pet care along with your business responsibilities. Products range from self-cleaning litter boxes to dog leashes that light up in darkness to microchipped pet doors, providing so many ways to make your life simpler and your pet’s life better. An automatic ball launcher will keep Fido playing fetch far longer than you’d keep tossing the ball. A puzzle bowl slows down how fast dogs and cats gobble their food–keeping them entertained, and helping to prevent overeating, too.

Make your home a relaxing haven

While you’re busy getting your company up and running, you’ll want a pleasant place to retreat when the workday is over. Try to keep the clutter to a minimum–designate a time each day when you will put things away, and schedule regular cleanings by you or someone else. Add some low-maintenance green houseplants to liven up the space and help clean the air. If the climate permits, open a window or two to let in the fresh air. Make sure you have at least one area or corner where you can relax without focusing on your company and the “to-do” list.

It’s possible to start a new business and bring a new pet into your life at the same time, although it may be challenging. You may find that you have an employee, friend, or family member who would be delighted to assist with your pet. If you work with a good trainer, both you and your pet will experience a positive outcome. Remember to ask for help and delegate tasks as needed because nobody can do everything.

Robin Wong is a certified dog trainer, a graduate of the Victoria Stilwell Academy, and the father of a Boerboel / Ridgeback mix named Nana. He founded Holy Sit to provide premium positive dog training in London Ont.

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