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Dog Training

London Ontario

Positive dog training for the modern pet parent.

Are you ready to bond with your dog?

An adopted poodle poses with her new family.
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Positive Dog Training London Ont

Unleash the full potential of your dog with positive training methods from Holy Sit in London, Ontario.


Whether you're looking to teach new skills, overcome behavioral challenges, or simply strengthen your bond with your furry friend, our certified trainer can help.


With a focus on science-based techniques and humane training methods, you can trust that your dog will be treated with the respect and kindness they deserve. Say goodbye to outdated methods and force-based training and hello to a positive, effective training experience for you and your dog.


Start your journey today with Holy Sit - the go-to destination for positive dog training in London, Ontario.

Private Training Sessions

Individual consultations can be booked without commitment to a full program.

$129 - 1 Hour (in home, London only)

$79 - 1 Hour Virtual (Zoom)

$49 - 30 min Virtual (Zoom)


$499 - 1 Evaluation Session + 4 Training Sessions

All sessions in this package are private and in the comfort of your own home (London only).

$599 - 1 Evaluation Session + 6 Training Sessions

All sessions in this package are private and in the comfort of your own home (London only).

$199 - 4 Virtual Consultation Sessions

All sessions in this package are virtual and take place over the Zoom platform (other options available).

4 Week Reset          

$599 - 4 week Program / Private, in-Person

Unlock your dog's full potential with our 4-week Focus and Engagement program.


Designed for dogs who need a back-to-basics reset with their human, our certified trainer will help you correct your own bad habits and build focus and engagement in your dog through simple games along with leash and recall training.

If you're struggling with statements like "He's a good dog, he just doesn't listen" or "She has a lot of little problems; I'm not sure where to start", this program is for you. 

Need Something Else?

Need something more specific?

We can provide custom solutions for your unique situation.

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