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Basic Manners Training

​​Our Basic Manners Programs are based on real life skills and focused on building the relationship between you and your dog.


We use positive reinforcement based techniques and our methods are heavily inspired by Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) and Predation Substitute Training (PST). 

Before signing up for a Program book a free phone consultation to get clarity and determine if you are a good fit for our services.

Basic Manners I


Based on the Victoria Stilwell Academy's Basic Manners Curriculum this program is designed to build up your bond with your dog while teaching them a range of fun and useful basic manners behaviors.

Six Weeks of lessons to teach them:

  1. Attention 

  2. Touch

  3. Sit / Down / Stand

  4. Climb / Off

  5. Drop It / Leave It

  6. Stay / Wait

Basic Manners II:

Walking Together 


Take your manners training to the streets with a course on walking together as a team! loose leash walking and dealing with mild distractions.

Both Programs Include:

  • 3 x 45 min Private Lessons 

  • Training gear recommendations

  • Updated Notes & Homework after every Session

  • Priority text and email support between Sessions

Robin's Rapid



"He's stubborn and only comes when he wants to!"

How often do we hear this about our big dogs?

Learn to teach your dog a "German Style" (two-step) Recall and build it up to emergency-reliable levels. This training protocol is based on one designed for off-leash dogs with high prey drive - but adapted for stubborn giant breed and guardian type dogs. 


  • Initial Virtual Lesson

  • 3 x 60 min Private in-Person Lessons

  • Custom "Game Plan": games designed to unleash your dog's passion for returning to you

  • Updated Notes & Homework after every Session

  • Priority text and email support between Sessions

3 Session Package


Want a package of sessions without the added features of a structured program? Includes:

  • 3 x 60 min Private Lessons + notes & homework

* Communities outside of London may require an additional Travel Fee

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