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4 Week Reset          

$599 - 4 week Program / Private in-Person

Unleash your dog's full potential with our 4-week Focus and Engagement program.


Designed for dogs who need a back-to-basics reset with their human.


Our certified trainer will help you correct your own bad habits, build focus and engagement in your dog, and work with them on loose leash walking and recall.

If you're struggling with statements like "He's a good dog, he just doesn't listen" or "She has a lot of little problems; I'm not sure where to start", this program is for you.

The program starts with building focus and engagement through games and progresses to teaching your dog important the important skills of walking politely on a leash and coming to you when called.

Here's what you get:

  • Build focus and engagement with your dog

  • Improve your own habits

  • Learn about your dog and how they communicate

  • Evaluation and orientation session

  • Custom training plan

  • 4 weekly private lessons

  • Priority text and email support with your trainer

Take the first step towards a stronger bond and a well-behaved dog, Sign up now!

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